Final Project With Steps

These are my steps for the final project. I experimented with different color schemes and designs. In one of my designs I used biomorphic shapes. This composition implements the complementary colors red and green. You can also see analogous color scheme with yellow green, yellow, and yellow orange on the top third of the page. I […]

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Final Project

My final project contains both linear and curvilinear lines. There are geometric and organic shapes found in the composition. I incorporated circles, triangles, and rectangles. I utilized convex and concave shapes. Many areas of the composition have dark value. You can see contrast with the light and dark values. I made the value very light […]

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Exercise 3: Perspective.

    There is a horizon and a vanishing point in the one point perspective. All lines drawn go back to this vanishing point. All lines in the one point perspective go back to the horizon and vanishing point. I achieved this by drawing lines with a ruler that were aligned with the vanishing point. […]

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Project 8: Color Schemes

For my monochromatic color scheme I used green. By highlighting different areas of the face with different values of green I was able to make a decent composition. I used darker values around the eyes nose and mouth to emphasize those areas. For my analogous color scheme I used yellow, yellow-green, and yellow-orange. I then […]

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Exercise 4: Color Wheel

Hue is just a more technical name for color. The two words can be used interchangeably. Complementary colors are opposite each other on the color wheel. They help create contrast when seen next to each other. When mixed together, complementary colors neutralize. When you tint a hue you are adding white to it and making […]

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Project 6: Texture

For this project I used repeating triangles to create a visual flow. I incorporated triangles into the tactile and visual textures. The rule of thirds helped me emphasize the focal point in this piece. The use of black and white tape combined with visual textures helps establish a visual flow. I used repeating triangles in […]

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